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School Meal Program

School Breakfast Program


The District breakfast program will be provided on a daily basis.  The breakfast program is a federally assisted meal program, just as the National School Lunch Program, created to offer healthy, balanced meals to all students.  Participating school districts will receive federal reimbursement and commodity food items from the USDA for every qualifying meal served.  Eligible families may qualify for free or reduced meal rates.


Breakfast is a great opportunity to refuel and start the day.  At the Intermediate and Primary schools, breakfast will be available upon arrival and will be consumed in the classroom.  Breakfast will be available to the Middle school students prior to the start of the school day.  Those students at the Middle school opting to purchase breakfast will eat in the cafeteria.  At this time breakfast is limited to those items obtained through the School breakfast program.  


School Lunch Program


The District lunch program will be provided on a daily basis. Students may also bring a lunch from home and they have the option to purchase white or chocolate milk. The prices for lunch and cartons of milk are determined annually. Families qualifying for free or reduced lunch may pick up the application form in the school offices. Free or reduced lunches are provided under the National School Lunch Program. 

If a student forgets to bring a lunch, the school will provide a lunch and the parent/guardian will be charged the price of the meal. Students will receive a full meal for up to two days when there is a zero or negative balance. 
District 92½'s food service program ensures that meals meet USDA requirements and all nutritional guidelines. Meals include fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy, and ample protein that promotes healthy eating. Serving sizes are appropriate to the dietary needs of the age served helping students with healthy choices. Food service rules shall restrict the sale of foods of minimal nutritional value as defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the food service areas during the meal periods. 
Current Menus
For parents who wish to order breakfast or lunch using a credit card, we are continuing to use MealTime as our payment system:

The MealTime Online system allows you to put money into an account for your child to use for lunch or milk purchases. A minimum of $25.00 per family is required by MealTime. All fees paid online will be charged a 2.5% service fee that will be added to the total bill at the time of payment. You will need your child’s ID to register. Student ID number can be found on the parent portal or you may call the school office. The MealTime account is beneficial if you would like to use a credit card, know your child’s balance, and receive notification of a low balance.

If you do not wish to pay by credit card, you may send a check/cash to school in an envelope marked with your child’s name and homeroom/first-period teacher’s name on it. If the exact amount of $2.25 for breakfast or $4.50 for lunch is not sent, the remainder will be put in an account for future lunch or milk purchases. The Head Cafeteria Supervisor will put it in your child’s account on MealTime.
MealTime documentation