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Person of the Year

Linda Stanislaw, Administrative Assistant at Westchester Intermediate School,

Named "2023-2024 Person of the Year"


The Board of Education for Westchester Public Schools is very pleased to announce Westchester Intermediate School’s Administrative Assistant, Linda Stanislaw, has been named District 92½’s “Person of the Year” for the 2023-2024 school year. Ms. Stanislaw will be honored at the annual Chamber of Commerce event.


Ms. Stanislaw has worked in the District for 22 years and has consistently demonstrated exceptional qualities worthy of this award. Linda goes above and beyond in her role as an Administrative Assistant. She possesses remarkable organizational skills, enabling WIS to run efficiently and effectively. Linda approaches every task and responsibility with an unwavering commitment and attention to detail. Whether it is a complex project or a simple task, she demonstrates remarkable thoroughness and precision. Linda’s positive attitude and outlook is something to be admired. Her optimism and can-do attitude inspire those around her. Her ability to maintain a calm, composed presence and collected demeanor is remarkable. Linda truly sets the standard for a great attitude in the workplace. Linda is dedicated and has a strong work ethic. She puts in extra hours and goes the extra mile to ensure the job is done correctly. Her commitment reflects her professionalism and showcases how she is the backbone of Westchester Intermediate School. Her contributions to our district are invaluable, and she truly deserves the designation of “Person of the Year.”


We are also pleased to share with you that Shawn Barrett (Principal, WIS), Darryl Holliday (Music Teacher, WPS/WIS), Deborah Jankiewicz (Special Education Teacher, WMS), Lora Lafin (Principal, WPS), and Katie Mentone (Social Worker, WIS) were nominated and considered by the Board of Education for the “Person of the Year” award.