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PowerSchool » PowerSchool Parent Portal Guide

PowerSchool Parent Portal Guide

What is PowerSchool Parent Portal?
PowerSchool Parent Portal gives parents and students access to real-
time information including attendance, grades, and detailed
assignment descriptions. Once parents have created their account,
they will be able to manage their account information, link any and all
students to your account, and set email and notification preferences
for each student linked to your account. If account sign-in information
has been forgotten, it can be retrieved by using the auto-recovery
feature on the sign-in page.
PowerSchool Parent Portal Start Page
When you sign in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal, the start page
appears. This page serves as the central point from which you begin
your PowerSchool Parent Portal session. The start page consists of
the following main areas:
PowerSchool Parent Portal - Grades and Assignments
To check student assignments please click on the grade.
The new page will load showing assignments.
Header – Appears at the top of the PowerSchool Parent
  • PowerSchool Logo: Click to return to the start page from
    anywhere within the application.
  • Welcome, [Your Name]: The first and last name of the person
    signed in. To ensure that your account is secure and your
    information protected, the date and time of the last time you
    signed in appear when you hover over your name. This
    information can be used to alert you to any unusual account
  • Help: Click to access the PowerSchool Parent Portal online
  • Sign Out: Click to sign out of PowerSchool Parent Portal.
Navigational Toolbar – Appears at the top of the start page
and is common to every page of the application.
  • Student Tabs: The first names of the students associated with
    your parent account appear in alphabetical order. Click the
    name of the student for whom you want to view information.
    The page refreshes and displays information for selected
    students. If you click the name of a student and the message
    “Student information is not available at this time.” appears,
    contact your child’s school.
  • Notification Icon: Login security feature; displays date and
    time of your last system login.
  • Download Icon: Click to download an export file containing
    student data similar to the printable view data. This data file is
    intended to help facilitate upload into other products.
    Note: The icon only appears when the Grades and attendance
    the tab is selected.
  • Printer Icon: Click to print a printer-friendly version of the
    page you are viewing. Additionally, the page includes the
    name of the selected student and the school and school
    district for that student.
navigation menu
Navigation Menu - Serves as the central point from which
to navigate the pages of the PowerSchool Parent Portal.
  • Grades and Attendance: Click to view student grades and
    attendance for the current term.
  • Grade History: Click to view student grades for the previous term.
  • Attendance History: Click to view the attendance history for the current
  • Email Notification: Click to set the e-mail notifications you can receive on a
    regular basis.
  • Teacher Comments: Click to view any teacher comments.
  • Forms - Registration forms
  • School Bulletin: Click to view the current school bulletin. (Not all schools use
  • Class Registration: Only enabled during the scheduling period for the next school
  • Balance: Shows student’s balances
  • My Schedule: Shows student's schedule
  • School Information: Shows basic school information.
  • Account Preferences: Click to manage your PowerSchool parent Portal
    account preferences.
Enable email notification in Forms by clicking the Gear icon.